The romance community is fighting to protect reproductive freedom with multiple fundraisers. The largest anthology, DISSENT, includes brand new and exclusive works from 150+ romance authors, as well as a paired auction. 100% of proceeds from both the anthology and the auction will be donated to Planned Parenthood, the Center for Reproductive Rights, and the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice.




Brighton Walsh

USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Brighton Walsh spent a decade as a professional photographer before taking her storytelling in a different direction and reconnecting with her first love—writing. She likes her books how she likes her tea—steamy and satisfying—and adores strong-willed heroines and the protective heroes who fall head over heels for them. Brighton lives in the Midwest with her real-life hero of a husband, her two kids—one who’s already taller than her and one who’s catching up too fast—and her dog who thinks she’s a queen. Her boy-filled house is the setting for dirty socks galore, frequent dance parties (okay, so it’s mostly her, by herself, while her children look on in horror), and more laughter than she thought possible.


Brooke Cumberland is a USA Today bestselling author who wears many hats on any given day. She now co-writes under the USA Today bestselling duo, Kennedy Fox with her literary soul mate, Lyra Parish. She lives in the frozen tundra of Packer Nation with her husband, wild child, and four dogs.


Nicole French is a recovering academic turned romance novelist who has been yearning for happily-ever-afters since she could talk. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, their son, and two cats who still think they are kittens. A low-key fashion addict and major Springsteen fan, she writes romance for people who believe, as she does, that everyone deserves a love worth fighting for.



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For National Read a Book day, DISSENT will be released in eBook and paperback!


DISSENT is a charity romance anthology with NEW, never-before-published content from over 150 authors of all romance genres. All proceeds from the eBook and paperbacks will be donated to organizations benefiting reproductive rights in the United States, particularly in areas where people need them more than ever.


Dissent will only be available for a very limited time, so grab your copy today!


**We are not affiliated nor endorsed by any of these charities. We are simply a community bound by a single cause: protecting the basic human right of body autonomy.**


AUTHORS INCLUDE: Brighton Walsh, Nicole French, Kennedy Fox, A.M. Roark, A.R. Hall, Aarti V Raman, Aidy Award, Alexis Anne, Amanda Richardson, Amelia Wilde, Amie Knight, Amy Quinton, Anna Michael, Aria Wyatt, Ashley Lane, Autumn Jones Lake, B. Celeste, Blair Babylon, Brenda St John Brown, Brenna Aubrey, Bri Blackwood, Cara Dee, Carmen Jenner, C.L. Matthews, Cassie Graham, Celia Kyle, Charity Ferrell, Claire Wilder, Claudia Burgoa, Crystal Kaswell, Dakota Willink, Dani René, Daniela Romero, Dee Garcia, Dee Lagasse, Deidre-Ann Anderson, Donna Grant, Echo Grayce, Elena Aitken, Elle Thorpe, Ellis Leigh, Emily Colin, Emily Goodwin, Erica Alexander, Erin Parisien, Eva Charles, Eva Moore, Evelyn Adams, Glenna Maynard, H.D. Carlton, Haley Jenner, Heidi McLaughlin, Holly Mortimer, Hope Jones, Ines Johnson, Iris Morland, J. Saman, J. Sterling, J.H. Croix, J.L. Beck & C. Hallman, J.M. Walker, Jane Blythe, Janet Berry, Jasmin Miller, JD HOLLYFIELD, Jen Stevens, Jenika Snow, Jenna Hartley, Jenna Lynn, Jennifer Sucevic, Jessica Florence, Jillian Liota, Julia Kent, Kait Nolan, Kat Latham, Kat Savage, Kate Canterbary, Kate King and Jessa Wilder, Kate Meader, Kathy Coopmans, K.B. Cinder, K.D. Proctor, Kelly Maher, Kim Loraine, Kym Grosso, Lainey Davis, Laramie Briscoe, Laura Hall, Laura Lee, Lauren Stewart, Lea Coll, Len Webster, Lili Valente, Linnea May, Lisa Shelby, Lissanne Jones, Lucy Lennox, Mary Ann Marlowe, Max Henry, Megan Ryder, Melissa Andrea, Melissa Marino, Melonie Johnson, Mia Harlan, Mignon Mykel, Molly O’Hare, Monica Corwin, Morgan Jane Mitchell, N.A. Moore, Natasha Raulerson, Nicole Blanchard, Nina Levine, Pamela DuMond, Patricia D. Eddy, Persephone Autumn, R.L. Kenderson, Rachel Brookes, Raven James, Rebecca Paula, Rebecca Yarros, Regina Kyle, R. Castro, Roxie Noir, S. Cinders, Sade Rena, Saffron A. Kent, Samantha Lind, Sarah M. Cradit, Scarlett Cole, S.E. Rose, Shaw Hart, Sydney St. James, S.J. Sylvis, Skye Alder, Stephanie Anne, Suzanne Baltsar, Sylvie Stewart, T.K. Leigh, Tabatha Vargo, Tamara Lush, Taryn Quinn, Tawna Fenske, T. Gephart, Toni Aleo, Tracy Krimmer, Tricia Lynne, Trish Milburn, V.F. Mason, V.L. Souders, Vanessa Booke, Vivian Wood, Zoe Ashwood, and Zoe York


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To help spread awareness and donate more funds to our cause, we’re hosting a charity auction where members of the romance community can offer goods and services. This is not limited to participants of the Dissent anthology, meaning ANYONE can sign up!

The auction will be open August 30th through September 2nd. 


People interested in donating to the auction can still sign up here:


Examples of donations are:

✔️ Signed books

✔️ Special edition copies

✔️ Swag packs/merch

✔️ Signed books + swag/merch combo

✔️ Exclusive content (i.e. bonus scene from their favorite character or anything of choice)

✔️ Character naming/book dedication

✔️ Reader zoom call

✔️ Patreon membership

✔️ Zoom call/mentorship to an aspiring author or author who needs help

✔️ Facebook/AMS/BookBub ads mentorship or services

✔️ Editing/Proofing services

✔️ Cover design, graphics, teasers, etc.

✔️ Branding or logo packages

✔️ Formatting

✔️ PR for an event

✔️ PA services

✔️ Expert advice/knowledge or mentorship on a specific topic

✔️ Narration or audio services

✔️ Agent/Query services

✔️ Book Box Subscriptions

✔️ Photography services



  • The anthology includes 150+ romance authors’ brand new and exclusive stories.
  • DISSENT is the largest anthology so far raising money for reproductive rights.
  • DISSENT releases September 6, National Read-A-Book Day.
  • DISSENT is available on all major vendors, including Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Google Play.
  • DISSENT will be available as a paperback in three volumes.
  • The Dissent AUCTION will take place from August 30th through September 2nd.



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